General Data Protection Regulation

Shotalks respects the privacy of its users and has implemented, as data controller, this charter relating to the protection of personal data (hereinafter the ”  Charter  “), which takes into account the changes made in the applicable legislation with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 Purpose of the Charter

 The purpose of this Charter is:

  • to define Shotalks’s commitments concerning the protection of the personal data of users, individuals, which are collected and processed when using the website the ”  Site  “) and services provided by Shotalks through the Site (hereinafter the “  Services  ”) and in accordance with the applicable Terms of Use;
  • to answer the most important questions you ask yourself on this subject in order to help you make the right decisions concerning the data you share and to ensure that you use the Services securely and appropriately.

This Charter thus specifies the data We collect, the purposes of this collection, the persons with whom We may share this data as well as your choices concerning these purposes and disclosures.

We recommend that you read it carefully before using our Site or our Services. By using our Site or our Services, you accept the practices described in this Charter.

What data do we collect about you?

We may collect and store:

  • data allowing your identification: any data that you enter on our Site, including data allowing your identification, such as:
    • your first and last name,
    • Your email address,
    • your date of birth;
    • your photo if you use one as an avatar on the Site (note that it is possible to delete it at any time from your profile).
  • the information which does not make it possible to identify you directly such as information concerning your centers of interest such as:
    • your favorite school subjects,
    • country of residence,
    • kind,
    • level of education or study,

but which allow you to complete your profile which is visible on the Site

  • data that you provide to Us using the Services, such as:
    • information about how you use the Services such as:
      • number of times you connect to the Site,
      • access time to the Site, the pages you visit,
      • the links you click on,
      • if you open emails from Shotalks or click on the links in those emails,
      • the URL of the referring site which brought you to the Site,
      • your various actions on the Site,
      • the content that you publish on the Site,
      • the groups you belong to or
      • your interactions with other people on the Service;
    • information about the devices with which you connect to the Services, such as your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, operating system, and other such information.

What tools do we use to collect data?

 We use various technologies to collect data from your computer about your activities on our Site.

  • When you visit our Site, We may place one or more cookies on your computer to facilitate your access to our Site and to personalize your navigation. Most browsers accept cookies, but their settings can usually be changed to refuse them. However, we draw your attention to the fact that refusing cookies may prevent you from connecting to our Site or from using certain functions. We invite you to refer to our Cookie Policy.
  • Other tracking technologies. We may use tracking or tracking tools to collect data, in particular on your use of the Site and your way of browsing. The data We collect in this way enables Us in particular to personalize the services We offer to visitors to our Site and to transmit targeted advertising.

Why Shotalks processes your personal data?

Shotalks processes personal data concerning you on the basis of and in relation to the electronic contract concluded for the use of its Services, in order to implement this contract. Providing your personal data is necessary to conclude this contract and to allow Shotalks to provide its Services.

Shotalks also uses electronic communication tools, such as email notifications, to inform you of any new questions or answers added to the Site according to your subjects of interest.

Shotalks assessed the impact of such activity on the privacy of its users, in accordance with the new regulations, and concluded that it would not have a negative impact on the privacy of users. Indeed, the use of personal data brings significant benefits to users, who can stay informed of changes and new developments on the subjects that interest them. In addition, each user can oppose the receipt of these notifications by changing the parameters of their account.

What are the purposes of collecting personal data?

 We may use the data We have collected about you for:

  1. allow the management of your user account;
  2. memorize information so that you do not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you visit the Site,
  3. allow other users of our service to know more about you and your interests, thanks to the information that you publish in your profile;
  4. provide, with your consent, content, and information customized to your profile, including targeted content and advertising;
  5. contact you in the context of the Services and send you notifications and information relating to the Services, to Shotalks or to its partners in particular for commercial prospecting purposes to present their products and services to you;
  6. monitor overall statistics such as total number of visitors, traffic, usage and demographic trends of our service;
  7. diagnose or solve technical problems;
  8. apply our Terms of Use;
  9. more generally, ensuring the proper functioning of our Services;
  10. ensure any other functionality indicated during collection.

Does Shotalks process personal data for profiling?

Profiling consists of personalizing the content of the Site and proposing offers corresponding to the interests and preferences of the user. Profiling is automated but supervised by a human.

Shotalks processes personal data for the purpose of profiling users and for marketing communication purposes.

Shotalks wishes to inform its users that profiling aims to improve the quality of the services it provides.

For profiling, Shotalks uses data regarding user activity, interests, and preferences on the website and on other websites. For profiling purposes, Shotalks also uses information and data concerning the content downloaded by the User on the Site, posted comments, likes for the content available on the Site and other sites and on other sites. other activities of the User. This data is processed by a special algorithm. 

Having examined the interest of Shotalks and of users, in accordance with the new regulations, Shotalks concluded that profiling did not infringe on the rights and freedoms of users. Profiling does not have a negative impact on the privacy of users. On the contrary, profiling aims to facilitate the use of the site by users and to adapt the content of the site to user expectations.

Can you withdraw your consent to profiling?

Shotalks informs that profiling which has legal consequences for you requires your consent.

Consent to profiling is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time, from the User Profile, directly on the Site

Your consent or withdrawal does not affect the possibility of concluding the electronic service contract. You can, therefore, use the Shotalks Services and refuse this profiling. However, the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the processing of your personal data transmitted before the withdrawal of your consent.

Can you withdraw your consent to marketing communications?

 Marketing communication refers to activity by e-mail or other similar tools, aimed at familiarizing the user with the offers and promotions of Shotalks and other entities (companies).

Consent to marketing communication is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time from the User Profile, directly on the Site or from the “Preferences” section or by clicking on “unsubscribe” (or similar) in the email received from Shotalks. However, the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the processing of your personal data transmitted before the withdrawal of your consent.

Can Shotalks have access to private questions and messages?

Private questions and messages from users of the Site are stored on Shotalks’s servers and databases. Therefore, Shotalks may have access to these items.

However, this access is limited only to employees who manage servers and databases and who have special permission from Shotalks. Shotalks also uses special automatic monitoring tools, aimed at identifying and preventing abuse and threats related to the use of the Site.

Who are the recipients of the data collected?

 In principle, Shotalks does not share your personal data with third parties and in particular companies.

However, We may exceptionally share the data We collect about you or your activities on our Site or your use of our Services to third parties, under the conditions set out below.

  • Personal data. The data collected may be transmitted:
    • to companies and partner companies of Shotalks
      • who carry out marketing communications, with your consent ;
      • who provide services to Shotalks, such as hosting, maintaining servers or databases. These entities which may have access to the data collected by Shotalks are recipients of personal data as a subcontractor of Shotalks and act on its behalf and according to its instructions. Shotalks ensures that these entities store data in the European Union or, if data is stored outside the European Union, that the data is properly secured.
    • to judicial, police or government authorities, at the request of the said authorities or for the purpose of establishing or exercising our rights and in legal proceedings.
  • Aggregated or anonymized data not allowing an identification. We are likely to collect and share this type of data in each of the circumstances mentioned above. We may also be required to share them with third parties in order to carry out analyzes of our activities, to develop and transmit targeted advertisements on our sites and on the sites of third parties.  

For example, Shotalks transfers anonymized cookies and other anonymized data about site users to third parties. This data does not make it possible to decipher the activity of the specific user on the Site but makes it possible to determine the geographic, statistical, and demographic data of the users. The sharing of such data aims to personalize advertisements and other similar communications targeted at users, without identifying them.

Can you consult, rectify, and oppose the processing of your personal data?

In accordance with applicable law and in particular, the GDPR you have the right to access, rectify data concerning you, request a limitation of the processing of your data, a right to be forgotten by requesting a permanent or temporary suspension the processing of data and to oppose the processing of their personal data or their transfer under the conditions described above.

You can exercise your rights by sending a request to this effect by email to [email protected] You can also configure the notifications you wish to receive from us directly on the Site or by unsubscribing from newsletters according to the tools available to you. If We have already transmitted your personal data to a third party before modifying your preferences or updating your data, it may be necessary to modify your preferences directly with the third party concerned.

If you delete your account, We may still retain certain information for the purpose of analyzing or maintaining the integrity of our records, or take other actions permitted by law.

Do you have the right to the portability of your personal data?

Yes. In accordance with article 20 of the GDPR, everyone has the right to the portability of their personal data. The right to data portability means that everyone has the right to receive the personal data they have provided to Shotalks in a structured format. Each person can transmit this data to another controller. It is also possible to ask Shotalks to transmit this personal data to another data controller appointed by the data subject when this is technically possible.

How long is the data we collect kept?

The data that We collect is kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes referred to above, in particular:

  • For personal data: for the entire duration of your account and 3 years after your last connection to your account on the Site or your last visit to the Site if you do not have an account;
  • For cookies: 13 months from your consent for the processing of cookies on the Site.

 Beyond these durations, the data will be kept for exclusively statistical purposes and will not give rise to any exploitation, of whatever nature

What security measures do we take to protect your personal data? 

We take useful security measures (including technical, physical, electronic, organizational, and procedural measures) to preserve the security of your personal data and in particular to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, or from unauthorized third parties having access to it. These measures include, among other things, controlling access to personal data (only authorized Shotalks employees who are bound by a confidentiality obligation have access to personal data), controlling the processing of personal data, anonymization of personal data.

How do We use the information you publish in your profiles?

We provide you with spaces on which you can publish information about yourself or on which you can communicate with other people, such as the questions you ask, the duties you submit to other users or the answers you provide to duties of others which are visible to other users of the Site. Your publications are subject to our General Conditions of Use. In addition, your publications may appear on other websites than the Site or when searches related to the subject of your publications are carried out. This is the case of the photo that you use as an avatar and that can be indexed on search engines and visible to third parties who are not necessarily users of the Site.

 Furthermore, when you disclose personal data, on freely searchable Internet pages, this data becomes accessible to the public and can be collected and used by other people. We, therefore, recommend that you exercise discretion and caution regarding your personal data.

What are our commitments regarding respect for children’s privacy?

Our Site is intended for the general public. Minors declare that they have the authorization of their parents or of the person having parental authority to use the Service as well as their agreement concerning the conditions of collection, processing, and use of personal data provided for in the Charter.

Where is your data located? Are they transferred outside the European Union?

 Your personal data is processed and stored within the European Union, where our servers and our database are located. They are not transferred outside the European Union.

 Shotalks also ensures that its subcontractors and technical service providers who are required to process personal data for Shotalks store it in the European Union or, in the event of storage of data outside the European Union, that the data is properly secured.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions about this Charter or our data processing practices, please contact us by email at [email protected]